• Brown Eye 100

    Brown Eye 100

    Presenting the ultimate modded Marshall Plexi style amp – The Friedman Brown Eye. Created by legendary amp guru David Friedman, the Brown Eye is an EL34 based Plexi platform amp using custom transformers and David Friedman’s renowned tones and voicings.

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  • Dirty Shirley 40

    Dirty Shirley 40

    Go from vintage crunch to a beautiful shimmering clean by just lowering your guitar’s volume knob…

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  • Dirty Shirley Combo

    Dirty Shirley Combo

    Go from vintage crunch to beautiful shimmering clean with this Friedman combo.

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  • Small Box

    Small Box

    The SmallBox is a 50 Watt Amp that features 2 channels with Separate Gain and Volume controls each.

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  • Pink Taco

    Pink Taco

    The BE100's little sister!

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  • Phil X Signature

    Phil X Signature

    A creation from virtuoso Phil X & Legend Dave Friedman! Surprisingly simple...yet Insanely Powerful!

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  • Steve Stevens Signature

    Steve Stevens Signature

    Steve Steven's first Signature Amplifier designed in cooperation with Dave Friedman. 2 Channel 100 watt EL34 powered monster.

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  • Jerry Cantrell Signature

    Jerry Cantrell Signature

    Jerry Cantrell's first signature amp, able to recreate all those classic Alice in Chains & way beyond!

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Latest News

Friedman Amplification Welcomes Wes Hauch!

Posted 01/12/2015 by Admin
Friedman Amplification would officially like to welcome guitar virtuoso Wes Hauch to the team as one of our newest artists. Wes will be playing the JJ-100 & matching cab out on tour with Thy Art is Murder as well as in the studio this year with his band Glass Casket. Welcome on board Wes! Official photos & video coming soon. (Photo credit Thomas Savage)