The Friedman IR-X dual-channel tube preamp is an entire Friedman rig in a compact pedalboard-friendly package.

Jake E Lee Signature

JEL-20 Head & Cab

Jake E Lee and Dave Friedman have teamed-up again to create the new Jake E. Lee Signature 20 Head and Cab, a signature amplifier that offers Lee’s ultimate tones in a compact 20-watt package.

Three Channel - 50 Watts - Handwired

BE-50 Deluxe

By combining the tonal pallet of his BE and HBE circuits, as well as the sparkling cleans of the Buxom Betty in his all-new BE-50 Deluxe amplifier head, Dave Friedman is unleashing his most flexible design yet. And thanks to a handful of Friedman’s most requested mods, this 3-channel head is chock full of tone-shaping possibilities and power.

Three Channel - 100 Watt - Hand-wired Head

BE-100 Deluxe

For over a decade Dave Friedman's "BE" circuit has been hailed as the epitome of British tone.  In recent years, this tonal infusion has made the BE-100 the most popular and sought after 100 Watt boutique amp by a mile.  The new BE-100 Deluxe, like its little brother the BE-50 Deluxe, takes this BE circuit to a whole new level

BE100 in a stomp box!


This new BE-OD Deluxe pedal employs the exact same circuit but adds another channel and dual midrange controls

Friedman Small Box amp tone in a compact pedal format

Small Box Pedal

The Small Box pedal packs the same intuitive control set as the amplifier, allowing you to dial in your perfect shade of rock, from vintage Plexi goodness to high gain madness.


20-watt EL84 powered single channel fire breather

Pink Taco V2

Capable of producing many styles of music from blues to classic rock and heavy rock to metal by just adjusting the gain, master controls and new added switches.

20-watt, EL84 powered, single channel head

Little Sister

20-watt, EL84 powered, single channel head or 1x12” combo based on it’s 40-watt predecessor, but still delivers the signature British tone Friedman has become known for.

Steve Stevens Signature 100-Watt Hand Wired Head

SS-100 V2

Dave Friedman’s first signature amplifier, the SS-100 was created in 2011 to the exacting tonal demands of guitarist extraordinaire, Steve Stevens. After nearly a decade together, Steve and Dave agreed it was time for an update

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Dave Friedman’s extensive knowledge and pursuit of tonal superiority inspired him to develop his own series of production amplifiers under the name Friedman Amplification. In the past, having Friedman build or modify your amp required a certain level of notoriety, but now his sonic wizardry is available to everyday players. Each Friedman amplifier is built in the U.S.A. to Dave’s exacting standards using hand selected components. After a rigorous burn in process, Dave inspects, tubes, plays and signs the chassis of every amplifier before shipping.

Little Sister Head

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