The all hand wired Buxom Betty is the ultimate clean to mid break up amplifier. With loads of head room this amplifier will take you from massively beautiful clean tones to classic angry textural crunch. This is enough for most other amplifiers in its class, but the Buxom Betty also bares the Friedman moniker, which means it is allusively versatile above all others and beyond even what it was originally designed to do.

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Thursday, 08 October 2015 18:35


The official videos for the first ever active stage monitor from Friedman Amplification, the ASM-12 are now available to be viewed online. Part 1 of the set will take you through the background as to why Dave Friedman felt the need to venture outside of the tube amplifier work to create an active monitor made for digital amplification devices. Part 2 will show you just how the active monitor sounded in the room under different playing styles/conditions.

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