Blood, Sweat & Tubes Fall 2018 Clinic Tour
Official Announcement

We’re excited to share that this month Dave Friedman is headed to select cities in the Northeast and Midwest to conduct in-store clinics with Friedman retailers. Dave will be joined at each stop by Friedman artist Sammy Boller, and on limited dates by Steven Stevens (see below for full info) to help demo and discuss products. Each clinic is an opportunity to find out more about Friedman products and get insights into Dave’s design inspiration and process, get in-depth knowledge about our newest releases and hear some killer playing! The clinic tour is falling right between two new pedal releases, the Gold-72 Wah which is available now, and the Golden Pearl, coming next month. Dave will be discussing these pedals as well as other new and established products, so get your questions ready! We’re starting out in Cleveland on October 13th, and traveling East from there, then heading to Chicago and ending in Dave’s hometown, Detroit. We’re called these store visits the Blood, Sweat & Tubes clinic tour because that encapsulates the work & passion Dave puts into Friedman every day, and we can’t wait to bring it out to all of you.

What to Expect

The schedule, including dates, times and locations is below, but we strongly recommend that you contact your retailer for information such as RSVP’s, arrival times and anything else you may need to know about the event. Each clinic will be about 2 hours long, and will include a performance by the Friedman artist(s) in attending, a Q&A, Product Spotlight and Meet & Greet, AND a Raffle/Giveaway.

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Professional Touring Quality • Three Sizes • Three Packages

For over 27 years the world’s top guitarists have relied on Dave Friedman for their pro touring effects rigs. From fancy, ultra-complex racks to simple pedal boards, Dave has built them all. When it came time to design his own line of pedal boards, Dave used all his years of experience to ensure that the Friedman Tour Pro Series has everything a pro guitarist needs.

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Friday, 13 May 2016 18:50


The official Dirty Shirley Mini video! Bob Hartry playing an original song inspired by this amp - all guitar parts played through the DS Mini, and some using the Friedman S style guitar...enjoy!


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Friday, 25 September 2015 18:41


Friedman Amplification is pleased to announce our newest product(s), the Friedman Guitars line. These are limited edition, 100% hand-made, non-cnc, to Dave Friedman's spec guitars. We will released a limited number of these guitars in four configurations a year. For the first year we will be releasing two T Deluxe style guitars : a red mahogany with P-90s & a black alder with dual humbuckers as well as two S style guitars, a white Alder SSH with trem & a Swamp Ash Burst finish SSS style guitar.

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Thursday, 08 October 2015 18:35


The official videos for the first ever active stage monitor from Friedman Amplification, the ASM-12 are now available to be viewed online. Part 1 of the set will take you through the background as to why Dave Friedman felt the need to venture outside of the tube amplifier work to create an active monitor made for digital amplification devices. Part 2 will show you just how the active monitor sounded in the room under different playing styles/conditions.

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