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2018 Might be Fading But, Thanks to the Friedman Golden Pearl, Here Comes the Afterglow

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Friedman is always striving to provide players with the proper tools to customize their sound. With Friedman pedals, we've been able to accomplish this, starting with the release of the BE-OD in September 2016, prompting Dave and the rest of the team to continue designing pedals and effects that make longed-for tone across different playing and musical styles possible. The sound in Dave’s head, and hopefully yours, is steadily coming to resonate in real life. Always driven to keep making gear that carries forth a player’s raw, authentic emotion, Dave created the Golden Pearl, a lower-gain overdrive pedal. Rounding out the BE-OD and DS(Dirty Shirley)-OD, high and mid gain overdrive respectively, one of the Golden Pearl’s highlights is its capacity as a delectable tweak to an already overdriven amp, pushing the overall tone into seductive saturation. 

Receiving high praise already from a wide array of guitarists, the Golden Pearl shines in its capacity to bring tone into focus and make playing incredibly enjoyable. The Golden Pearl features Volume, Gain and Tone Knobs, and a Three Position High-Frequency Cut Switch. Then you’ve got the Voice switch, which allows for three different kinds of clipping – none at all, the up position for a softer LED clipping and the down position for a traditional diode clipping.

With this transparent, versatile overdrive, you can sharpen up your clean tone, take a clean amp to slighty broken-up clean, or dirty it up with a turn of the gain knob. Pushing the front end of your Friedman for a cutting boost can be achieved with the LED clipping, but even more so with the diode clipping -  dial it in by means of the amount of gain and the pedal’s capacity for tone-tailoring with its other settings. The Golden Pearl is superbly versatile, affording you a graceful, low-effort approach to getting the tone you crave, existing in perfect harmony with your Friedman amp or whatever your amp might be.

What tone treasure will you unearth with the Golden Pearl? 

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